Transformation at the CORE
Welcome to Core Work with U.L. Muhammad!
We are here to serve as an agent for transformation. We are committed to providing strategies, insight and spiritual guidance to all those who desire to be healthy and whole from the inside out. We partner with you on your journey of healing and transformation one moment at a time.

Peace & Blessings
U. L. Muhammad

Motivational Word of the Week:
There is purpose in waiting on God. It could be to get instructions, take a rest, learn a lesson, or to regroup. Whatever the reason, God has you in an holding pattern. This isnt the time to shut down, have a pity party, or play the blame game. This time is for connecting to God and self on deeper levels. This waiting is active! So, the next time you're waiting on God to manifest something in your life, find out what you should be doing during that time and be about getting it done, even if it's Be Still and Know That I Am God.


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